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Mergers and Acquisition Services

Race Rock Capital provides superior, comprehensive mergers and acquisition services focusing on transaction sizes ranging from $5 to $300 million. 

Our senior advisors have a broad range of diverse industry expertise and have the necessary “hands on” experience to negotiate the best possible deal terms for our clients.  Race Rock Capital advises clients on both buy and sell side transactions as well as  formulating merger execution strategies.  Our processes are discreet and confidential allowing our clients to continue operating their business in an undisturbed environment.  Race Rock’s unique combination of transactional and operational experience, the ability to navigate complex situations, unsurpassed contacts in the financial and equity markets, access to large pools of qualified buyers and a transaction process with proven results makes us the leader in middle market transaction success.

Race Rock Capital offers the following Merger and Acquisition Services:

Sell Side Representation

  • Meet with client to fully understand operating business and ultimate goals of client.
  • Prepare a business valuation by careful analysis of financial statements, market conditions, and identifying all hidden assets of company.
  • Review valuation with client and determine most suitable course of action to meet client’s goals and review marketing strategy.
  • Prepare an Information Memorandum to be distributed to an approved buyers list.  All approved buyers will be required to sign confidentiality agreements prior to receiving any offering information.
  • Manage all communications and additional information requests from buyers.  Narrow down group of buyers to best possible candidates and negotiate Letters of Intent to be presented to client.
  • Review Letters of Intent with client and negotiate any possible counter offers with buyers.
  • Assist and manage the due diligence process and recommend any outside legal assistance needed to prepare final purchase and sale contract.

  Buy Side Representation

  • Meet with client to review acquisition strategy and compile acquisition target list.  Develop a formula to best capture the essence of an offer to a target company.
  • Contact CEO’s of target privately held companies and determine level of interest of acquisition.
  • Compile necessary data to prepare valuation of target company.
  • Negotiate terms and prepare Letter of Intent.
  • Assist in identifying financing sources.
  • Assist in performance of due diligence and assist in preparing final purchase and sale contract.

Merger Strategy Advisement

  • Develop overall strategy for complete corporate integration.
  • Identify synergies and expense overlays in order to develop a Confidential Consolidation Synopsis to be used for financial institution presentations.
  • Identify financing sources or equity partners.
  • Assist in the divestment of non essential assets and real estate.


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